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1 Introduction - Reference Documentation

Authors: Kaleidos Open Source

Version: 0.6.4

1 Introduction

The Grails Admin Interface plugin provides and easy and secure interface to administer out-of-the-box your Grails applications. Absolute functional from scratch, gives much more power with his extensible widget system.

The information in this guide is for three developer profiles:

  • Plugin users: installation and configuration.
  • Custom Widget developers: create your own widgets.
  • Plugin developers: contribute to this plugin.

1.1 Release history and changelog

  • 23th September 2014
    • 0.6.5: Updated bootstrap and fixed static resources
  • 20th June 2014
    • 0.6.4: Changed default widget assets location
  • 18th June 2014
    • 0.6.3: Fixed problem with 404 and resources. Javascript cleanup
  • 11th May 2014
    • 0.6.2: Fixed resources bug
  • 23rd May 2014
    • 0.6.1: First ready for world testing release
  • 9th May 2014
    • 0.1.1: First internal release

1.2 Contributors

1.3 Dependencies

This plugin doesn't import any plugin but needs that your application have installed the following dependencies:
  • Spring Security Core v1.X or v2.X for authorization/authentication:

Spring Security Core 2.x

1.4 Installation


To install you should include in your BuildConfig.groovy

plugins {
    runtime ":admin:<version>.<minorVersion>"

It's recommended that you include a Spring Security Core plugin to secure the administration.

plugins {
    // Spring Security v1.X , example:
    compile ":spring-security-core:"

plugins {
    // … or v2.X , example:
    compile ":spring-security-core:2.0-RC3"


Is not mandatory, but to see plugin works you have to edit your app Config.groovy and include the list of domains to start working with:

grails.plugin.admin.domains = [ "conferences.Talk", "conferences.Speaker" ]

Extend Behaviour with Custom Widgets

You can also extend the default behaviour creating your own custom widgets. See Custom Widgets section for more information.

grails.plugin.admin.domain.Conference = {
    widget "coordinates", "sample.MapWidget", height:400, width:600

1.5 Sample

Sample Application

There is a sample application that you can checkout at github:


Also, you cant test the sample application online at: